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  3. I have the FlightFactor A350 for X-Plane 10/11, and irl and for X-Plane there is no Star Alliance liveries for the plane. Is that fine, although the handbook says to use Star Alliance liveries on non-UAL flights? 

    1. RJ Toth | GDM

      RJ Toth | GDM

      Sure! As long as the flight is the correct aircraft type and holds the correct flight number, you can use any livery you want.

  4. Thanks for the Great Event, it was a lot of fun!

    1. Jay Kidder | VP MKTG & DEV

      Jay Kidder | VP MKTG & DEV

      Glad you enjoyed it! 

  5. Skylink will not connect with X-Plane 11.30 even with using  XPUIPC please help have no way to send flight report (Help)

  6. I officially turn 16 today 😁

    1. Jay Kidder | VP MKTG & DEV

      Jay Kidder | VP MKTG & DEV

      Hope you had a sweet 16!

  7. just did a flight from kiad to krdu and i filimage.thumb.png.e0fc8c3d4725199c8d1fd6faad6695a9.pnge a report here is the rt 

  8. We have many questions coming at us at once and are working through them as quickly as we can. There is no need to download a new version of Skylink as it automatically updates when you launch it. We are aware of the flight report bugs and our technology team is working hard to squash them Thank you for your understanding! @UAL2355 -Jay
  9. to file a report it says engines shut down...my engine still running but brake on throttle all the way back to stop will it still file a report or do you really have to turn engines off?


    1. Jay Kidder | VP MKTG & DEV

      Jay Kidder | VP MKTG & DEV

      You should be fine. 

  10. limited time to fly and now constant issues with filing flight reports....how can you download latest skynet version 4? not getting very good customer service and direction
  11. skylink will not let me log flight report file report remains blurry after two flights very confusing and frustrated acars workerd

  12. UAL2891. I cannot login thru SKYLINK and also in ACARS. I appreciate your help. Thanks.


    1. UAL9017 Trevor Delong

      UAL9017 Trevor Delong

      try using your email as the username. If that doesn't work, then feel free to join us in discord where we can help you more! 

  13. Hi. im having trouble logging into the new acars app. I've used both my username and email but nothing works. I'm based out of KORD

  14. until
    Join us for our 7th Annual Birthday Bash Sunday, March 24th from 2 PM EST - 8 PM EST. We will be flying from Denver to Portland, and finally to sunny Los Angeles California. We are working with our partner Vatsim to provide gate to gate ATC coverage. REX Simulations has sponsored our event, so there will be some pretty cool prizes to be awarded at random to participating members. To be eligible for a prize, you must be an active pilot on our roster and RSVP for the event here. You must have RSVPd at least an hour before the event start on the 24th. Keep checking back for updates.
  15. 1868438033_Screenshot(3).thumb.png.fdb6cc0ae3a77fdbe2e16193f94f464c.png

    1. JBhodder



      UAL1042 KCLT 
      Charlotte, NC
      Newark, NJ
      Boeing 737-800 B738 
      Boeing 737-800 (winglets)
  16. Ready for the weekend! 

  17. Airfield Applications VATSIM calls for some European and North American event coordinators! Want to take some of the airports at Cross the Pond Westbound? Give them some ideas.... The aAirfield Applications will be open today , March 4, 2019 at 2000z!
  18. Our transition to Skynet has been completed, and we are now operating from skynet.vusci.org. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a few technical issues with our server. So, effective immediately, we are temporarily suspending all new applications and reactivation requests. Current and active pilots can still use Skynet and Skylink. For questions and concerns, please reach out to us on our Discord server or CCS. A staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.
  19. Congratulations, I have p1 and p2, I hope I can join the team and help develop vatsim P ratting and even aircraft type rating. Best Regards, 1238741 | P1 P2 ratting on going P4
  20. We at Virtual United Social Club are thrilled to announce the obtainment of ATO (Authorized Training Organization) status from our partner Vatsim. With this certification, all of our pilots will be able to obtain Vatsim’s P1 and P2 rating through our training department. This is a fantastic opportunity not only for us as an organization, but for all of our members. Now, pilots are able to log hours with us while also earning their Vatsim ratings at the same time. For any questions about our training program, please email [email protected]
  21. Hi, I'm a bit confused. I am used to flying the B738, but when I looked at ranks, it said I'm a first officer, so until I have 10 flight hours, I'm limited to ERJ, CRJ, Turboprop, and Embraer 170/175. However, I transferred 36 hours of VATSIM flights, and it doesn't show up on my profile. To get to the Captain rank, do I have to have 10 hours in those aircraft AFTER joining virtual UA, or is that a bug and ignore that?

    1. Jay Kidder | VP MKTG & DEV

      Jay Kidder | VP MKTG & DEV


      We are CAT free, so you are able to fly whatever aircraft you would like as long as it is in a Star Alliance Livery. 


  22. We at Virtual United Social Club are thrilled to announce that we have been working on a new platform for planning your flights, tracking them and logging them. This new platform will both replace our entire operations system including our ACARS. Through both of these programs, flying with us will be easier than ever. Our new platform SKYNET will replace our current Airline Management System on the web. SKYNET will be a ‘one stop shop’ for all of your needs. From here you will be able to manage your account, book flights, review your flight history, and see some of the statistics from all your past flights. Not only that but it will also encompass our new support system. Whether you need assistance with something related to Technology, Flight Operations, or any other department we have, you will be able to submit a ticket and receive assistance from the appropriate folks. Just like any support system you may have used in the past, you will be able to view the status of your requests and any actions on it as well! While our current ACARS client vUACARS has served us well for some time now, we’ve decided with a new web-platform there was an opportunity to do it even better. Introducing SKYLINK, our new ACARS client that will make starting, tracking, and logging your flights with us easier than ever. One thing we knew we wanted to accomplish was to make your interaction with the program as minimal as possible so you could get to what you really want to do, fly! With that goal in mind, we have built the client from the ground up, to be as simple and minimal as possible. There is so much more to this new platform we are looking forward to sharing with everyone. But for now, we wanted to give you some of the broad strokes of the changes in store! We look forward to sharing more specific glimpses on each platform in upcoming blog posts. With those we will give you an inside look at them, showcasing some of the key features of the new, upcoming platform. Giovanni Medrano, Keith Lovell, and Mike Ortins Vice President of Technology, Directors of ACARS, and Director of Technology Communications [email protected]
  23. I am really enjoying this vAirline! The tools are easy to find and use. The response time for PIREP approvals and questions and concerns is next to none!

    1. Robby Sayles| President

      Robby Sayles| President

      @UAL9291 We're so ecstatic you're enjoying the community. Welcome and we're glad you here with us.  Hope to chat soon :)

    2. UAL9291


      Thanks Robby!

    3. Jay Kidder | VP MKTG & DEV
  24. Relocating to my new station. Farewell IAH, you were good to me! Hello DEN, I like what I see lol!!!

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