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  1. I officially turn 16 today 😁

    1. Jay Kidder

      Jay Kidder

      Hope you had a sweet 16!

  2. Getting ready to go to Vegas!

  3. until

    See you guys there!
  4. Touchdown!.jpg.3d40af59f34f5920a541c69c401172f8.jpgTouchdown.jpg.1160b37f1b4bc7a78aa9b5206f6cf0e7.jpgTouchdown in Chicago O'hare

  5. Starting to descend to Chicago O'hare!Descending.jpg.e69c9abf493476b02155b8bc2103ff28.jpg

  6. Heading to Chicago this morning as UAL1832

    dep to chicago2.jpg

    dep to chicago.jpg

    dep to chicago3.jpg

    1. Robby Sayles| President

      Robby Sayles| President

      Oh wow, looking good, Captain :)

    2. UAL5493 Daniel Garcia
  7. Cruising for Dallas!

    Cruise to Dallas.jpg

    Cruise to DFW.jpg

    TO dallas.jpg

    1. Robby Sayles| President

      Robby Sayles| President

      Don't forget to add your photo's to our new screenshot center.  Here's the link : https://ccs.virtualua.org/index.php?/gallery/

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