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  1. How do I apply for Virtual United Social Club inc.? See this link here I have a Mac. Can I still fly for vUSCI? Absolutely! There is a catch though...Our ACARS system (system that logs the flights) is not available for Mac at this time. To file flight reports, you will need to fly on VATSIM, and submit a manual report on the flight operations page, with a valid Vataware link. It can take up to 48 hours for your submission to be approved. I have an account and wish to become active again. Who do I contact? Please email [email protected] Why do I need an accurate birthday? vUSCI is a registered non-profit company. We need an accurate date of birth for legal reasons. We never share any of your personal information with anyone or any company, including name, email, or date of birth. How old do I have to be to join? You must be 14 years or older. I've been a pilot on Vatsim or for another airline for some time now. Can I transfer those hours? Yes! You can transfer up to 150 hours. How often do I need to fly? You need to fly within 14 days of your acceptance to vUSCI, and then once a month thereafter. My application got rejected. What do I do now? Your application most likely got rejected because we noticed a problem with your application, or you already have an account with us. We will always give you a reason why when we reject the application, and all you need to do is either resubmit the application, or ask for your account to be reactivated. We will never reject an application for a new pilot that is filled out correctly as long as you meet the requirements as stated in the pilot handbook. Don't see your question answered here? Email your questions to [email protected], and we will be happy to help!
  2. Welcome to the Virtual United Social Club inc.! We're excited to have you here. You're just a few clicks away from joining one of the largest flight sim communities. To Join: 1. Go to this website here, and click Apply Today 2. Review the information on the screen, as there is important information there. We highly recommend opening and bookmarking the pilot handbook, as the rules regarding most actions for vUSCI are there. 3. Take the quiz 4. Once you have passed the quiz, input your information into the system. All items are required. 5. Once you have submitted your application, a Member and Staff Relations person will review and accept/reject your application within 24-48 hours. Applications will only be rejected if there is a problem with the application, or you already have an account. 6. Complete your first flight within 14 days of approval. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] Blue Skies!
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