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Sammy Holmes | IAH FOM

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  1. everyone have a safe Holiday Weekend! No SNOOPING for presents.


  2. Fantastic event today.  Was a lot of fun.  Thank you to the entire event staff for getting all this together and all the work that happened behind the scenes.

  3. Sammy Holmes | IAH FOM

    VUSCI Training Department Update

    Looking forward to this one!
  4. First time ever flying to Addis Ababa (HAAB with Ethiopian), no scenery so should be interesting.

  5. Sammy Holmes | IAH FOM

    Gate E57 unloading, LSZH

  6. Sammy Holmes | IAH FOM

    Clearing RWY 34, LSZH

  7. Sammy Holmes | IAH FOM

    Established ILS 34, LSZH

  8. Just touched down in Zurich.  It was a very nice flight, unfortunately no ATC for just about the entire flight.

  9. Sammy Holmes | IAH FOM


    Descending into RDU
  10. Sammy Holmes | IAH FOM


    On the gate at IAD
  11. Sammy Holmes | IAH FOM


    Short Final, Low Approach
  12. Sammy Holmes | IAH FOM


    Arriving into IAD on a moist afternoon
  13. Sammy Holmes | IAH FOM


    Taxi out at DEN

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