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    We would like to express our gratitude to our amazing sponsors for our Birthday Bash event that happened on Monday evening. We had a great turnout with over 30 pilots who turned up and amazing screenshots that were captured. We are currently working on drawing the prizes for our pilots and will be in contact with pilots PRIVATELY. We would like to thank: HiFi Simulation Technologies FS2CREW Flightbeam Studios Flight1 Aerosoft Simmarket Just Flight VATSIM REX Simulations ORBX Please visit their websites to support the flightsim community!
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    VirtualUA, Inc (VUA). is a non-profit virtual aviation organization for simulation pilots, aimed at creating a positive learning environment where enthusiasts can build their knowledge and understanding of aviation. During this process, it is VirtualUA, Inc.’s goal to create an environment where learning these topics and building the knowledge and understanding in a fun and enjoyable way, allowing the simulation pilots to learn while experiencing and enjoying simulation and aviation. It is VirtualUA, Inc.’s hope that through this learning it will empower and enable our pilots to experience a new level of both real and virtual aviation. The mission of VirtualUA, Inc. is to provide our membership an environment in which the individuals can learn through education, experience, and engagement with other individuals to advance their knowledge, understand and skillset for both real-world and simulated aviation. VirtualUA, Inc. will always be responsive to our members and ensure all their learning opportunities and experiences will be convenient, efficient and pleasing. VirtualUA, Inc. goals are to provide a successful organization that continues to allow our membership to learn, grow, and advance their basic and complex knowledge regarding aviation and the associated concepts. VUA will always strive to be the breeding ground of tomorrow’s pilots. VUA will instill the same professional attitude and professional development goals upon its members as real-world airlines have upon their own employees and customers.
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